The lectures usually consist of two series of illustrated talks on a theme, one in autumn and another in spring. Join the friendly group for one occasion or a whole term and enjoy a stimulating evening: no homework required!  Topics covered in the past have ranged from gardens to canals, Tudor portraiture, the rise of Gothic architectural style, or life and landscape in Anglo-Saxon England.

Thursdays, 7.30 – 9.30 pm, Victoria Hall, Kemerton
£5 per lecture (reductions for whole term).  Visitors welcome.

Contact: Sue Bennett, 01386 725245, or email

Spring 2019

24th January - 28th March 2019

Dr. Gillian White

People and Places: The Eighteenth-Century Country House

Dr White is a welcome speaker at the Lectures and her series promises to be a balance between telling stories of people (‘With as much scandal and sensation as possible,’ she says) and exploring things visual, like architecture, furniture and gardens.